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How to create a bet

  • Betting

To create a bet, navigate to “My Bets”

Tap the plus icon in the lower right corner.

Create a bet description that is as clear and specific as possible, for example: “XRP will be above $0.53 according to the historical data listed on CoinMarketCap for the 22nd of June 2023”.

Select a category you want the bet to be listed in. This has no effect other than the bet being displayed in the selected category.

If you wish the bet to be private, meaning only a specified account can take it, you must tick the “Private Bet?” option. You can learn more about private bets here.

If you want to allow a tie as an outcome, you need to tick the option “Tie allowed?”

Next, you must put in the wager amount and select the token.

The next step is about setting timers correctly:

Bets can have two time limits: “Max accept time” and  “End Time”

“Max accept time” allows you to define until when a bet can be taken.

“End time” allows you to define the earliest time the bet creator and bet taker can define the outcome.

Once you set all conditions accordingly, tap “Create Bet” at the very bottom of the page. You will now be asked to pay the bet creation fee. Once the fee is successfully paid, the bet is visible in the “My Bets” section, awaiting the wager to be paid.

Example for “Max accept time?” usage: Team A is playing against Team B, and the event starts at 19:00 and ends at 21:00. Using “Max accept time”, you can ensure the bet needs to be taken before the event starts, while “End time” makes sure an outcome can only be called after the event ends. In some cases, you might want to add a time buffer.

The newly created bet is now at the top of the list, with the new bet indicator displayed.

Tap the bet to proceed and pay the wager.

Ensure everything is correct. If so, proceed by tapping “Deposit Wager”.

Follow the signing process as usual. Once the payment is confirmed, the bet will be visible to others unless it is a private bet, which will be only visible to the account you specified.

Private bets can still be shared and seen by others. However, only the specified taker can interact with them.

You can share the bet in a way most apps allow you to share items. This will generate a deep link to the bet itself.

If you change your mind, you can cancel the bet. This is possible even after the wager was paid, as long as no one took it. The bet fee will not be refunded.